The Sibling Experience of Eating Disorders Study

We are interested in learning about your experience as the brother or sister of someone with an eating disorder. We appreciate that the sibling relationship is often the second most important one next to the parent-child relationship. We know little, though, about the sibling experience when a person has an eating disorder; issues such as the impact on the sibling of a person with an eating disorder, or what type of supports the siblings might benefit from.

We would like to use the information from these individual interviews to help service providers understand the impact of eating disorders on siblings, as well as possible intervention strategies that may assist or support the sibling of those living with an eating disorder.

An honorarium will be provided to participants.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact:

In Manitoba
Tracey Bone
Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba

This research has been approved by the Psychology-Sociology Research Ethics Board at the University of Manitoba. If you have any concerns or complaints about this project you may contact the above noted person or the Human Ethics Coordinator at 204-474-7122 or