Information for Students

1. Can I search for courses online?
No, courses at ICSWP are not put on-line. Schedules are posted at the front entrance. Year group, by course, subject, instructor and more?

2. Do I need to apply for admission?
If you are not already admitted to the ICSWP, University of Manitoba, you must apply to the program and be accepted.

3. How & when do I register?
Registration begins early Spring for Summer, and continues until the course start date. For Fall and Winter, you may see your Academic Advisor to register starting in May and until the course start date.

4. Do I have fair access to space in courses?
Yes, ICSWP students have first access to classes, a number of spaces are released for other students after ICSWP registration is done. Following the initial registration dates, other students must get permission from the Director to attend classes here.

5. How do I pay my fees and are they refundable?
Electronic Payment: Web or Telephone Banking, TelPay, Higher Ed Points
In Person or Payment by Mail, Cash or Debit, Cheque, Bank Draft, or Money Orders, By Mail

Fees/Refunds: It you withdraw from a course you may be eligible for a fee refund if you fill in a withdrawal form and withdraw from classes before the Refund date that is on the course outline.

6. Where do I get a student I.D. card?
Picture identification (I.D.) cards are required to access a variety of services available to students, including the library, athletic facilities, etc. Please go to 4th floor University Centre or go to the circulation desk at the Neil John McLean Health Sciences Library to get Student ID cards anytime between 8:00 - 10:00 Monday – Friday. Student ID cards are also available at the Health Sciences Library on Saturdays from 9:00 - 10:00 and Sundays from 10:00 - 8:00. Call before you go as times may vary.

7. Where can I park?
Students can park on the street on Selkirk Avenue (metered parking) or on Pritchard or Flora streets. Students can park in the U of M parking lot across from the centre after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and anytime on weekends. (Except in the 6 - 24 hour reserved parking spots.

8. Where can I buy books and supplies?
The University Book Store is located in University Centre at the Fort Garry Campus, and the Brodie Centre at Health Sciences Campus. Please go to Fort Garry Book Store or Health Science Bookstore for hours and other information including online ordering.

9. Where can I eat?
ICSWP does not have canteen facilities. Please feel welcome to access the many local restaurants.

10. How do I obtain a tuition receipt for income tax purposes?
Tuition and Education Amounts Certificates, Form 2202A, for income tax purposes will be issued online through Aurora Student. Go to Student Affairs, Registrar's Office.