Field Education Program

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Applying for Field

Field Application Process Information Guide

Step 1: 
Attend a one hour scheduled Cisco Session in UMLearn.
Dates for Field & PLAR Information

Step 2:
Complete and submit the Field Application Form to  (Subject line:  Field Application).

Step 3:
An email will be sent to you verifying that you are eligible to complete field and you will be given access to Field Preparation Module in UMLearn that must be completed prior to applying for a field placement.

Step 4:
Once you have secured a placement, complete a Confirmation of Placement Form and email to (Subject line:  Field Placement).

Step 5:
At this point you will receive an email with instructions on registering for field and field focus.

Step 6:
After registering you will be given access to either, SWRK-3150 Field Instruction 1, SWRK-4120 Field Instruction 2 or Field Instruction 1 -Accelerated Field in UMLearn.  All modules must be completed prior to entering your field placement.

Step 7:
A one hour Cisco web conference in UMLearn will be scheduled prior to the start of field.

*Please note, the Field Instruction Module for SWRK 3150/SWRK4120 in addition to the one hour web conference are mandatory.  You will be able to count 7.5 hours toward your 420 practicum.*