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Beverley Temple
Associate Dean, Research
Associate Professor

Dr. Temple is committed to improving the quality of life and access to quality health services and community based supports for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilites and their families.
Knowledge translation is an important part of the way that Dr. Temple realizes her goals.  Knowledge translation includes synthesis of research using systematic reviews and recognition of the roles of organizations and their leaders to create an environment where changes and research are valued.  It also involves the implementation of strategies that work within different contexts.  Dr. Temple has been a leader in the area of research in this field, working within a multidisciplinary team of researchers at St.Amant Research Centre.  She is an executive member of the Special Interest Research  Group on Health Issues (SIRG) of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IASSIDD). She has had research funding and published on knowledge translation and related projects to make changes in the direct care and support of people with intellectual disabilities and chronic disease. Her main teaching responsibilities have centred on leadership roles, qualitative and mixed methods research as well as evidence informed practice. Dr. Temple has been the recipient of teaching awards and the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Excellence in Nursing Practice award.

Research Interests Degrees
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilitie
  • Knowledge Translation
  • Health and Pain Assessment
  • Leadership
  • PhD, University of British Columbia 2006
  • MN, University of Manitoba, 1997
  • BScN, Brandon University, 1991
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Working with Indivduals with Intellectual and/or Development Disabilities: Injuries and Challenging Behavior 

New knowledge translation study to reduce support worker injuries at St.Amant, assist management support
As a Researcher with St.Amant, Dr. Bev Temple has directed several research projects that explore and examine topics related to providing support for people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and direct support workers. Integral to the distribution of her research findings is Dr. Temple’s dedication to effective knowledge translation. Effectively communicating project results ensures that her research findings contribute to productive workplace action at St.Amant and within other systems of care and support.

In 2015, Dr. Temple’s research team began a project in cooperation with St.Amant and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Manitoba entitled, A Knowledge Translation Intervention with Supervisors: Can we reduce injury by improving knowledge translation strategies for direct support workers of people with intellectual disability who display challenging behaviour. This current project is a result of the findings of a 2013 study that Dr. Temple’s research team conducted at the request of St.Amant’s human resources and risk management’s department. This previous study tracked and examined injury reports submitted by St.Amant support workers who were injured while providing care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who display challenging behaviour. Dr. Temple’s current research project goals are to address the larger issues surrounding worker injury and to develop actionable plans at St.Amant for better use of current training in the prevention of worker injury and in support of managerial response.

“The administration at St.Amant and at the WCB has been really supportive about this research, and since we completed the first study, they’ve also invested in an online injury report system so there are better feedback loops for support workers and managers. The research project really created a stimulus for an audit and fostered ongoing feedback,” says Dr. Temple. Objectives for this current research project include the development of a modular training program for managers of support workers at St.Amant. This training program will provide direct training in knowledge translation of current training and debriefing following injury to better support the staff providing direct support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who display challenging behaviour.

“I think that the applications of this research project are much broader than to just our particular group of support staff and managers at St.Amant,” Dr. Temple says. “These training modules can be immensely beneficial for staff working in hospitals and emergency departments, school systems, and other institutions and organizations that provide support to a variety of people.” Dr. Temple believes that making the training modules available online and in hard copy will increase the accessibility and impact of this training program. “The goal is to make these training materials available to anyone who wants to use them. So even if there’s a small support organization of a single manager and three direct support staff, they would still have access to this information and could be able to train their people in mindful, trauma-informed care and appropriate management of injury reports.”