Project Rio

childProject Rio is an initiative to bring notice to our Winnipeg music community through our proposal to fund a performance exchange with Brazilian conservatories. 

All the contacts with Brazil universities have been made through David Chew, Director and Founder of Rio International Cello Encounter (RICE).  Eventually Project Rio hopes to garner Canadian government and university support to maintain an annual program to bring our talent to Brazil and hold clinics in our areas of expertise.

For more information about Project Rio, you can contact Dr. Minna Rose Chung at 204.474.8307 or via email


Watch a video from RICE 2013

Fundraising Concert Great Success!

poster 2012Our March 30, 2012 PROJECT RIO cello studio fundraising concert: Students Raising Money for Students, was a great success!

This fundraiser was held to establish a scholarship fund for the RICE festival to aid in travel expenses to assist students in need in attending the festival. It takes 2 days for some students to travel from the Amazon to attend the festival - there are dozens of students who do just this to be part of the great music culture!

We are in phase one of the project and are striving to support the life of the RICE mission and as a university sponsor commit to bringing musical exposure to the local communities we reach through the Encounter.  Ultimately our goal is to position ourselves for government and local grants to support this international platform for Canadians! The Encounter happens August 9 - 19, 2012.

Video highlights of the concert coming soon!


Rio International Cello Encounter was a wonderful experience. I have made some incredible music with world class musicians; we have moved people to tears. My colleagues have made this such a wonderful experience.The music making was unbelievable. I had a great masterclass, and was asked to sing the Bachianas so many times it was a thrill.

- Monica Huisman

Monica Huisman, Allen Harrington, Judy Kehler Siebert, Minna Rose Chung and Laura Loewen, representing our faculty in Rio 2013











david minna judy











RICE festival founder David Chew (middle) with professors Judy Kehler Siebert and Minna Rose Chung





At Dutch ambassor’s home in Brazil 2012
(L-R) Dutch cellist Wijnand Hulst, Laura Loewen, Allen Harrington, Judy Kehler Siebert, Minna Rose Chung





corcadavoA stunning view from the Corcavado mountain looking towards Sugar Loaf Mountain










Donations to Project Rio can be made at any time:

University of Manitoba 'Project Rio'
Desautels Faculty of Music
65 Dafoe Road
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2 Canada

Tax receipts are available

Rio International Cello Encounter (RICE)

In the News:

Dr. Judy Kehler Siebert enjoys the Brazilian sunshine

Dr. Minna Rose Chung and student at RICE

harrington loewen
Allen Harrington and Laura Loewen perform in the beautiful Igreja da Candelaria Cathedral

2010 poster
A poster from the premiere Project Rio concert, 2010