Application Information: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Performance

Important deadlines for Fall 2021

February 15, 2021: Application deadline.  Apply here!
February 22, 2021: Video recordings deadline.

Interviews will be schedule in early March.

Please note, that admission may not be possible for all qualified applicants. Admission is dependent on:

  • the number of spaces available
  • the area of major practical study
  • instructor availability
  • performance & sight-reading ability as demonstrated at the audition
  • letters of reference
  • interview
  • other information provided with the application - personal essay, previous academics, etc.

Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Video recordings (For 2021 only)
  • A personal essay of 250-300 words which outlines your musical aspirations and your plans for achieving them
  • Curriculum vita
  • Post-secondary transcripts
  • Two letters of reference  


  • For Fall 2021 applications, video recordings will replace in-person auditions and interviews will be held remotely.  
  • Applicants are required to submit video recording(s) that fulfill the specific audition requirements by area of study as listed below.
  • Video recording are to be submitted to

Specific audition requirements by area of study




Collaborative Piano

All collaborative piano auditions will be recorded.  Please record your selections in a safe setting – if you are unable to record safely with singers, we will accept videos of you singing and playing the vocal selections. Feel free to include recordings of live performances from Fall 2019 to present as supplemental material. 

        • First movement of any Beethoven violin or cello sonata
        • One movement of any violin or cello sonata by Brahms or Franck

    Vocal (All to be played in original keys)
        • Schubert - Gretchen am Spinnrade OR Ganymed
        • Strauss – Allerseelen OR Zueignung
        • Debussy – Il pleure dans mon Coeur OR Faure – Clair de Lune

        • Piano solo of your choice - approximately 7-10 minutes in duration. This can be a short piece or  movement(s) from any larger work.










For 2021 we understand it may be difficult to arrange accompaniment for your audition recordings. Students may record with an accompanist if they would like to and/or are able to work with an accompanist in a safe and socially distanced manner, however, this is not required for your audition.