Operations Management / Operations Research Major

Due to resource constraints, this major is not currently offered.  Contact the Asper School of Business Undergraduate Program Office for more information (phone:  204-474-6388).

Have you ever thought about how the products and services that you consume are actually made? Who decides how to produce toothpaste, washing machines, cars, and computers? Operations managers, that's who. Whether a product is made in someone's garage, in a small manufacturing plant, or in a huge factory with thousands of workers, operations managers are necessary to design the production process and make sure that it runs efficiently. If you major in operations management/operations research, you will learn all about operations management and how it contributes to our high standard of living and to the overall success of companies that produce goods or services.

Typical Careers

Production supervisor, department manager or plant manager in goods-producing industries like:

  • Computers
  • Automobiles
  • Paper
  • Many others

Also, operations positions in service-producing industries like:

  • Hospitals
  • Financial institutions
  • Government organizations
  • Personal service industries