International Business Major
In today’s global environment, no business remains unaffected by international forces. Some companies are expanding to overseas locations while others are dealing with the entry of international companies in their home locations, and many more companies and communities are affected by the operations of global corporations. The International Business Major helps students to understand globalization from an organizational perspective, formulate strategies to conduct business in a global setting, and manage in organizations that are global or affected by global forces.

What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The International Business Major at University of Manitoba offers a range of courses that help students to understand and manage globalization from a strategic perspective as well as functional perspectives. These courses are taught by faculty members who have vast experience living overseas and conducting research/business abroad. The geographic diversity of faculty teaching International Business courses is definitely unique to the U of M, and is not to be seen at other business schools.

In addition to imparting knowledge through relevant coursework, the University of Manitoba also offers several international exchange programs that provide an opportunity for students to develop their skills of international management in a direct manner by living in a different country and interacting with students, faculty and people in that country. The range of countries with which the University of Manitoba has exchange programs is also very unique and is rarely seen at other business schools.

Interesting Courses

  • International Management
  • International Marketing
  • International Finance

Typical Careers

Students who major in International Business choose from among a wide variety of management jobs in functional areas like finance, marketing, operations management, and human resource management. If you work in marketing, for example, you might be involved with the advertising and sale of a product or service that is made by a Canadian subsidiary in a foreign country. Whatever your specific area of interest, as your career in International Business proceeds, you will likely alternate overseas postings with work in Canada.