Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands, Winter 2017

“Exchange was the best experience I've had of my University degree because I had the chance to study something totally different, live in a European city, and travel to 12 countries in just 5 (short) months. By far the best part was meeting people and now having friends in countries all over the world. Living in Amsterdam was amazing, and I highly recommend an exchange to this magical city or participating in the program in general!”
Leeds University Business School, England, Fall 2016

“The Asper Exchange Program allowed me to avail overseas education in the UK and being an international student in Canada this opportunity came to me as a bonus. It not only fulfilled my foreign education dreams but also allowed me to visit spectacular places. Either domestic or international, I would highly recommend it to all Asper students to take advantage of it as you are left with an experience of your lifetime.”

NEOMA Business School, France, Winter 2017

“Learn! Learn about cultures, people, and most importantly, yourself, because not all classrooms have four walls. Each and every new experience left me at a loss for words, but looking back, has now turned me into one great storyteller.”

KEDGE Business School, France, Winter 2017

“Exchange was the best choice I made during my time at the U of M. The experience of living on your own and diving deep into new cultures is something everyone should try before graduating.”
Aarhus University, Denmark, Fall 2016

“If you think you have an open mind, go study abroad and see it opened a thousand times wider. Going on exchange to Aarhus broadened my perspective in every way, while allowing me the chance to meet so many amazing people I will be friends with for a long time to come. It is the most fantastic experience; I will always recommend it to everyone."  

Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Germany, Summer 2017

"Going on exchange overseas was a great way to explore a variety of cultures, because I had classmates from all over the world who brought their own experiences to the classroom. I met a lot of great people, and really enjoyed getting to know them. Visiting a foreign country on my own was a great way to develop both my independence and sense of autonomy. Many European students go on exchange as part of their study program, and I think Asper students should view studying abroad as an important part of their education, rather than as an elective to be chosen if it fits their schedule comfortably. In reality, a student exchange will never make its way into your schedule unless you decide that it is important to you. I made that decision, and I am very glad that I did."

Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil, Winter 2017

“Exchange isn't just a year in your life, it's a year that changes your life.”

Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia, Winter 2017

“I would highly recommend an exchange semester to individuals looking to gain life and business experience outside of their comfort zone. My exchange semester in Croatia broadened my network, created unique opportunities, and increased my adaptability in various situations.”
Former Exchange Midterm Reports