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Why Asper/IBEP
ABEP Class of 2015

Indigenous Business Education Partners (IBEP) has a rich history of providing a sense of community and offering services for Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) studying at the I.H. Asper School of Business. Our services are available to both undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree and graduate students pursuing an Asper MBA degree.

We have an impressive track record of transforming students into leaders; since 1995, over 100 students have received their degree and are now employed in key positions at major corporations and non-profit organizations, and have started their own businesses, across Manitoba, Canada, and the world.

Your degree from the Asper School of Business will take you farther than you’ve ever imagined, and IBEP will provide you with a welcoming community and services throughout your educational journey.

We sincerely hope that you choose to pursue an Asper Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) or Asper MBA, and that you share your journey with our ever-growing community of Métis, First Nations, and Inuit students.

Follow your dreams. We share your vision.

Traditional Territories Acknowledgement