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Asper Students Co-op Association
The Asper Students’ Co-operative Association (ASCA) is a student lead group that works collectively with the Co-op office to help guide students throughout their Co-op experiences over the course of their Undergraduate degree. The goals of the group are to: 
  • Promote the Co-operative Education Program to students within the Asper School of Business and prospective students
  • Enhance the ability of students to gain knowledge in their field of study
  • Develop connections between students and the business community

ASCA is committed to building a networking community with current students, business professionals, and alumni. This community ensures students have a supportive network of peers and business professionals to enhance their ability to develop into young professionals. Students involved in ASCA and the Co-op program will learn to develop confidence in the workplace, among other key professional attributes.

ASCA provides services to all Co-op students upon acceptance into the program. Some programs ASCA offers include mentorship with senior students, business card orders, and a round table event. The round table event allows new co-op students to network with senior students in their prospective field of study.

The Mentor Program

The Co-op program, in partnership with Asper Students’ Co-op Association (ASCA), has launched a new mentorship program and we are looking for energetic individuals to help mentor new co-op students.  Do you remember going through your first recruitment period?  What about the nerves you felt before your first day at your new job?  Why not get involved and help a new co-op student find answers to all their questions!

The Co-op mentorship program will enable mentors to help new students by providing them with advice, tips, personal experience, and great stories about your journey through Co-op, Asper, and the working world!

As a Co-op mentor you will be matched with a mentee who can answer any questions or concerns you have about the Co-op program.

You will: 

  • Get to know students with similar interests and career goals 
  • Increase your academic and professional network while contributing to your personal and professional growth
  • Add a marketable skill to your resume and enhance your ability to act as a coach
  • Help promote the Asper Co-op Program!

The Co-op office will provide mentors training on the co-op orientation process, resume and cover letter preparation, interview skill development, and professional conduct in the workplace to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to support your mentees.

The mentorship program is informal and will not demand a large commitment of time. You can tailor the program to suit a mentor and mentees availability.  The mentoring can occur through face-to-face meetings, e-mail, Facebook, MSN, telephone, or whatever avenue works best for you and your new friend! 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email a short paragraph stating why you feel you would be a great mentor to

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please email your request to

If you have any questions about the mentorship program, please do not hesitate to contact the Co-op office. 

Business Card Orders

Want to make your name stand out to employers? Order your ASCA business cards TODAY!

Cost: $20 for 100 cards. Order deadline is TBD.

All orders must be placed and cash must be paid to the Co-op office before orders can be processed.

Cards will be available in time for the Celebrating Co-op event and Summer recruitment. Pickup your cards at The Co-op Office, Room 254 Drake.

Questions? Contact

Round Table Event

ASCA hosts an annual Round Table event in the Fishbowl, which gives new co-op students the opportunity to connect with senior co-op students who have successful work experience at the companies and positions that students are interested in. The event gives students the opportunity their questions answered! Remember, co-op positions can be very competitive; the information will be gained from this event will give the competitive advantage needed to stand out in a position.

For more information on the Round Table Event please email

Learn About the Asper Co-op Program (Video)