4. Building Connections
  • Information sessions, Wine & Cheese Events, Career Fairs - find out about what employers are on campus, who's hiring, and what events are happening for commerce students.
  • Business Banquet - connect with leaders in the business community at the 45th Annual Business Banquet!
  • Association Memberships & Events - join organizations in the business community to meet professionals currently working in your field.  Build and improve your professional network.
  • Student group activities - the CSA has several student groups to help connect you to fellow students and business professionals in your area of interest.

Volunteer activities

There are many volunteer opportunities both at the Asper School of Business and campus-wide to assist you in building your transferable skills.  Career and Employment Services at University Centre can put you in touch with various volunteer opportunities.  Here at the Asper School of Business, yearly fundraising activities such as Shinerama give students the opportunity to not only build their skills, but also give back to the community.

Want to help other Asper students to reach their career goals and gain valuable skills at the same time?  Become an Asper Peer Coach!

The Volunteer Centre of Manitoba has many volunteer positions for those seeking volunteer opportunities, with over 350 non-profit and voluntary sector organizations in the City of Winnipeg, and also post volunteer positions on their website.

  • Mock interviews:
    • Be prepared for that important interview -- make an appointment with a Coordinator to schedule a mock interview.  Call 474-6596 to schedule yours!
  • Informational interviews (pdf) - Find out more about the field you are considering, hear about unadvertised or upcoming positions and make a possible mentor.