Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program
The Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program connects Asper MBA students with inspirational leaders in Winnipeg and across Canada. Through ‘Group Mentoring’, individual ‘One-to-One Mentoring’, or ‘Virtual Mentoring’, this flexible program will meet the unique needs of MBA students while catering to the demanding schedules of mentors.  
Asper executive mentors are senior level executives, representing diverse professions, companies and industries. Mentors will act as advisors and role models to Asper MBA students as they look to launch a new career, make a career change, or familiarize themselves with a new region. Through the mentoring experience, students will gain guidance and feedback on developing their leadership skills, information on industries or functions and insight into best business practices.

To Asper MBA Students...

Why request a mentor?  

Participating in the Asper MBA Executive Mentor program will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • establish a professional network which may enhance career development opportunities; 
  • gain insight into organizational culture and increase knowledge of a specific industry and profession; 
  • develop specific skills and knowledge. 

How can MBA students become involved?

All current Asper MBA students, are eligible to request a mentor from the Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program. Submitting a mentor request form does not guarantee you will be matched with a mentor.  Specific criteria have been developed and will be used in determining who is eligible to participate in the program.

To request a mentor, log onto the Asper Career Portal. Along the left-hand menu, you will notice a tab labeled "Mentor Program". Click on this tab and complete the MBA Executive Mentor Request Form.

Deadline to submit a Mentor Request Form is September 30th.

The Student Guide provides complete program details. 

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To the Business Community…

What is expected of you as a mentor?

The program is designed to be flexible, allowing you and your mentee to decide on how best the relationship will work. The minimal expectations of our mentors are:

  • Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect. 
  • For one-to-one mentors, strive to meet with your mentee 5 times over an 8 month period. For group mentors, host a small group of students once. 
  • Guide your mentee toward achieving developmental and career goals by providing constructive feedback. 
  • Share knowledge about specific jobs, career paths, leadership competencies, organizational cultures and industries while facilitating networking opportunities. 
  • Communicate concerns immediately.

As mentor, you are NOT expected to offer jobs or internships, to have all the answers, or to initiate all contact with your mentee. 

How will you benefit as a mentor?

The student you mentor will benefit greatly from your expertise. This partnership will also be a positive and enriching experience for our mentors. We hope each mentor will: 

  • experience a (re)connection with Asper, 
  • feel inspired and rejuvenated through their connection with students, and 
  • refine their coaching and mentoring skills.

The Mentor Guide provides complete program details.

Please contact the Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program Office if you are interested in becoming an Asper MBA Executive Mentor.

Asper MBA Executive Mentor Program Office

Echo Duan, Graduate Programs Career Consultant
Office: 369 Drake Centre

Kelly Mahoney, Director