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Program Design

Ph.D. Program Design

The Ph.D. program in Management is designed to prepare individuals for teaching and research careers in universities or for applied research positions in either the private or public sector.

The main premise behind the program is that contemporary managerial problems are typically multi-faceted and need to be examined from a perspective that is not restricted by the boundaries of any single discipline. The inter-disciplinary nature of the program extends beyond the Asper School of Business to related disciplines across The University of Manitoba.

Students will spend at least the first two years of their program in full-time residence. During this time, they will acquire substantial breadth and depth of knowledge in their chosen area of specialization and supporting area through doctoral course work in the Asper School of Business and in related faculties in the University.
The program offers specialization in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration (Organizational Behaviour,Organizational Theory, Human Resource Management, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Small Business)

Degree Requirements

At the conclusion of course work and the research and teaching practicum, students are required to pass a comprehensive final examination in their major and secondary areas. Upon successful completion of this examination, students choose a dissertation topic, successfully defend that proposed topic, write a dissertation, and pass a defense of their dissertation in order to be awarded a Ph.D.

The dissertation involves the identification of a research topic of interest to the student, typically an assessment of a theoretical problem or opportunity in a specific area, and the gathering of empirical data to test hypotheses derived from the theory. The choice of topic and the ensuing research are facilitated by the research work completed earlier in the student's program.

  • Specialization in Finance
  • Specialization in Marketing
  • Specialization in Business Administration - Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Theory, Human Resource Management, Strategy or Entrepreneurship or Small Business


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