Mehmet Yanit
Position PhD Candidate
Department Marketing
Office 371F
Phone 204-891-9741

Research Interests

I am highly interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications in marketing. My AI research examines how title status of casual AI agents affects people’s anticipated duration of use of those agents. I propose that people have a perceived superiority over their day-to-day AI peers in terms of their hierarchical position. Therefore, the title status of the AI agent (e.g. tutor, assistant, or cleaner) should assess the positional distance of the agent to the human from below by moving the AI upwards or downwards in the hierarchical structure of the dyad. In this research, I attempt to make a contribution to the existing literature by examining the effect of hierarchical structures in relationships between humans and AI-based agents building on the idea that conventional human-AI relationships always start with the hierarchical superiority of the human party to the AI. Therefore, AI’s title configurates its vertical hierarchical distance to the human peer affecting human’s perceived control and anticipated duration of use of the agent.

My research also focuses on corporate crisis management. Using web scraping methods and big data techniques, I examine the sentiments of public responses to companies on Twitter during a crisis (e.g. COVID), purely based on whether the public perceives the company as winning or losing from the crisis environment. I propose that naturally occuring winning/losing status influences sentiment of online responses to company posts on Twitter by affecting public’s responsibility attributions to those companies. Examining such mechanism in form of changing time series of the crisis severity, I aim to draw a guideline for both winning and losing companies of the crisis regarding when to increase or decrease their communications throughout the crisis period.


I hold a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Marmara University and a MA in International Competition and Trade from Bogazici University. Previously, I worked as a marketing assistant in SONY Eurasia in Turkey.

Conference Proceedings

Lee, A., Yanit, M., and Wan, F. The Truth is in The Tweet: Exploring the Impact of Linguistic Authenticity of Politicans’ Tweets on Their Personal Brands (Working Paper). The Association for Consumer Research Conference, Paris, October 2020.