Andrew Hyun-Woo Lee
 Andrew Lee
Position PhD Candidate
Department Marketing

Research Interests

My research is focused on sociolinguistics of person brands on social media, focusing on the use of text analysis (LIWC; Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) and social theory (Social Identity Theory, Speech Act Theory). The aim of this research is to more closely understand how person brands (i.e., politicians, celebrities) form and communicate specifically on social media, with a focus on text as the main medium of brand to consumer communication, while also focusing on how consumer identities affect the outcomes of these communication styles.

Additionally, my research interests involve multiple identities, centered on multiple national identities (bicultural peoples, visible minority immigrants) and the different ways in which they negotiate their identities. This research aims to expand the current understandings of identity integration and negotiation, challenging the notion that integration creates largely positive socioeconomic outcomes.

Additionally, as a queer researcher, I am invested in the application of feminist, queer, and Critical Race Theory within consumer behaviour research, pushing outside of quantitative methodologies and exploring the possibilities and value of qualitative consumer behaviour research when mapping identities, intersections, and meaningful inferences within and about diversity. My work aims to empower consumers and demystify complex digital brand messages through scientific inquiry.


BComm Hons. (Marketing), Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba

Conference Proceedings

Lee, A., Yanit, M., and Wan, F. The Truth is in The Tweet: Exploring the Imapct of Linguistic Authenticity of Politician’s Tweets on their Personal Brands (Working Paper Presentation). The Association for Consumer Research Conference, Paris (Virtual), October 2020

You, H., Zhang, Y., Wan, F., and Lee, A. Such Great Heights: Visualization of Height Increases Luxury Perceptions in Consumers (Working Paper Presentation). The Association for Consumer Research Conference, Atlanta, October 2019