Keri Kettle
Keri Kettle
Position Assistant Professor
Department Marketing
Office 650 Drake Centre
Phone 204.474.8347
Fax 204.474.7544

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Research Interests

Self-Identity, Motivation and Goal Pursuit, Consumer Debt and Financial Decision-Making

Currently Teaching

Marketing Management


Dr. Kettle received a B.A. (Honours Business Administration) from the Royal Military College of Canada, an M.B.A. (Marketing) from the University of Calgary, and a Ph.D. (Consumer Behavior) from the University of Alberta. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Kettle served 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Logistics Officer. Dr. Kettle is a recipient of the NATO Medal for Kosovo, the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, and the Canadian Forces Decoration.

Dr. Kettle's research program is in the area of consumer behaviour, and is inspired by ideas originating from the fields of judgment and decision making (JDM) and social psychology. Dr. Kettle's published and current research topics fall into two major streams: consumer self-identity and motivated goal pursuit. The first stream focuses on how identity-relevant cues and engagement in identity-relevant actions – such as signing one`s own name – differentially activate aspects of a consumer’s self-concept, and thus predictably influence consumers’ thoughts, motivation, and behaviour. His second stream of research examines goal-directed behaviour, with a particular focus on self-important goals that can be readily quantified, such as financial goals (e.g., debt repayment, savings), health goals (e.g., weight loss), and work or athletic performance goals (e.g., running a marathon). Dr. Kettle's research examines how consumers’ goal-directed behavior is influenced by the nature of their personal forecasts and the nature of the anticipated and actual feedback they receive about their goal progress and/or success in attaining each goal.

Dr. Kettle primarily uses experimental methods, but also uses his strong quantitative behavioural science skills to utilize advanced experimental methods and statistics. Dr. Kettle's work has been published in Psychological Science and the Journal of Consumer Research. He has presented his work at numerous conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM).