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The Asper MBA is a life-changing experience that helps you think differently, increase your earning power, grow as a leader, and realize your career goals.

A number of Executive Education programs and courses now count for credit toward an Asper MBA – saving you time and money as you strive to achieve your professional aspirations.

How it works

Completing the Advanced Program in Management, Leadership and Strategy provides you with an automatic exemption from the Leadership module of the Asper MBA program core when you register for the Asper MBA.

That’s 4.5 credit hours toward your MBA degree, before you even start the program!

This exemption applies retroactively to any offering of the Advanced Program in Management, Leadership and Strategy within the last five years.

In addition, you can apply up to 6 more credit hours of other, related Asper Executive Education courses toward your Asper MBA elective courses. These exemptions are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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Program Materials

All program materials are included in the program fee. Materials are provided upon commencement of the program. Materials may be emailed to participants prior to the program if necessary.

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