Championship Selling: An Advanced Sales Program for the Real World
The Asper Executive Education Centre has partnered with the Conference Board of Canada to bring you a new perspective on selling in today’s complex, multi-cultural environment. Together with Optimé (North America’s premiere sales training and development provider) and CompreCultures (experts in multicultural domestic and global business environment), this new approach to selling will equip you with the tools required for our rapidly changing economy. Are you ready for the next evolution in sales training?

Why This Program?

This program begins with a three day in-class experience, including lectures, workshops and breakout sessions to provide you with powerful sales tools you'll be able to apply to your organization immediately. To maximize your learning and ensure ongoing development, you'll be provided with 12 weeks of personal and group coaching, culminating in a one-day "GameDay™" Championship Selling finale that will allow you to apply and refine the skills you've gained throughout the program. Click here to watch a video on the GameDay™ program finale.

You'll be empowered to become incredibly effective in achieving desired sales targets and revenue generating opportunities, by being able to:

  • Capitalize on global market opportunities and expand your customer base internationally and domestically.
  • Gain new skills to provide advantage in customer engagements.
  • Manage the sales process with precision and adaptability.
  • Use performance metrics and proven pipeline management techniques to improve overall closing rate.
  • Hire and develop the right talent with the required selling skills to compete in an increasingly complex domestic and global multi-cultural selling environment.
  • Educate the customer, tailor the solution and take control of the selling process.
  • Find new confidence and power in the approach to new target markets, by understanding and applying advanced communication techniques.

In addition to the advanced sales skills techniques that will be taught, a new and critical module has been built into the curriculum. Our partnership with CompreCultures brings some new thinking and training on how to navigate, negotiate and communicate within a multi-cultural environment. This need to communicate is becoming more critical everyday as globalization, free trade agreements and the very multi-cultural makeup of the business communities both domestic and international evolve.

In the multi-cultural communication module, we examine, and analyze approaches to selling using examples from different cultures. The ultimate objective is to win in a globally competitive environment and to build cultural competence that will enable participants to apply the learning to their work and to improve their sales performance in any domestic or international environment.

Details & Registration

DATE  Future dates TBA
LOCATION  James W. Burns, Executive Education Centre

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Anita Punamiya, Founder & CEO, CompreCultures Ltd.
moderator-anita Anita Punamiya is a management consultant and specializes in Cross-Cultural Communications and is the founder and CEO of CompreCultures Ltd. Anita has an MBA in International Business. She has undergone additional training in cross-cultural communications from Richard Lewis Communications, UK and represents them in Atlantic Canada. She has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of roles in management, consulting, training and development. Through CompreCultures, Anita provides cross-cultural training for both private and public sectors and for non-profit organizations to understand and deal with issues related to cultural differences and their implications for business, in the work place and in the community. She helps increase cultural awareness, bridge communication barriers and facilitate the development of cross-cultural competence.

Bruce Good, Executive Director, Conference Board of Canada
moderator-bruce Bruce is an innovative, high-energy executive who brings top leadership skills, creativity and business experience to the Conference Board. Bruce is President of By Request Inc., a management consulting company working with the Conference Board of Canada since January 2012. Prior to the Conference Board, Bruce resided in Montreal and worked with IMS Health, the world’s health authority on data analysis and disease trends, where he was the President and General Manager for Canada for 5 years. His sales leadership credentials are truly impressive, with 20 years of executive level responsibilities contributing to several well-known companies, including Rogers, IBM Canada, Nortel, Bell Canada and Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies. In addition to his extensive private sector background, Bruce has also been involved with several not-for-profit Boards including the United Way, The Arthritis Society – Quebec Region, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the YWCA and the Ottawa Heart Institute.

Allan Bessel, Vice President - Client Management, Optimé
moderator - allan Allen is a strategy consultant, Certified Executive Coach, and Accountability Evangelist who specializes in business development for people, teams and businesses. Allen has an impressive track record providing a clear picture of organizational vision and resources required to meet objectives in an efficient and effective way. Allen is an expert at aligning business systems – people, processes and policies – with strategy and instilling personal accountability throughout the organization to deliver results and build great leaders. For the last twenty years, Allen has passionately developed, mentored, trained and led high performing teams in a range of industries to increase sales, develop new products, enter new markets and deliver customer experiences that fulfill brand promises. Allen has worked in multiple capacities at TD Bank, including Vice President and Managing Director for TD Waterhouse in Australia. Allen also worked as the Senior Vice President Customer Strategies at the Canadian Securities Institute leading fundamental corporate change initiatives.

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