Manitoba High School Visit

Actuarial Careers Presentations for Manitoba High School Students

A number of Manitoba High Schools have or will soon host the presentation “What is an Actuary?” which sets out information about:

  • What actuaries do
  • What organizations they work in
  • Professionalism and job satisfaction
  • Compensation
  • U of Manitoba courses that prepare you for an actuarial career

Schools and Sponsor Companies

 School (or Event)

Math Teacher

Actuarial Presenter

 Sponsor Company

Sisler Jack Parker  Sheldon Liu  Great-West Life 
Elmwood S. Jerema Andrew Kulyk Eckler Consulting
Grant Park Blaine McIntosh Jenna Lessak Great-West Life 
River East Dennis Kasian M. Byrne
S. Abeysekara
University of Manitoba
St. Mary's Academy Allison Challes Shawnee Guarino Great-West Life
Sanford Collegiate Megan Fulton M. Byrne University of Manitoba
Shaftesbury Harold Asu Maja Dos Santos Wawanesa
Oak Park Monique Jegues Shawnee Guarino Great-West Life 
College Beliveau    Monique Roy Brigitte Scheffer Wawanesa
Kelvin Sam Tougas Melanie Klippenstein Mercer Consulting
Kildonan East Cathy Ramsay Maja Dos Santos Wawanesa
U of M Info Days  - Melanie Klippenstein Mercer Consulting
U of M Info Days  - Andrew Kulyk Eckler Consulting

If you want to pursue a business career where you can leverage your math skills into a satisfying and rewarding career, talk to your math teacher or career counselor about hosting the “What is an Actuary” presentation through the Asper School’s Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies, or contract us directly at


What is an actuary?

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