About Us

The Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship (SCCE) is here to support entrepreneurial activities across the entire University of Manitoba campus. In addition to supporting students at the I.H. Asper School of Business we also support students from ALL faculties across the University of Manitoba - Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campus including: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education and more!

In a nutshell, if you are a student enrolled at the University of Manitoba… WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! We aim to support you and help spark your entrepreneurial spirit to realize that entrepreneurship is a viable career regardless of your field of study.

We support student entrepreneurship by being partners in education, driving entrepreneurial awareness through exciting competitions, create student engagement and supporting entrepreneurial ventures through our Venture Coach Program in addition to connecting students to the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We would love for you to take the time to browse through our About Us Book!


Partners in Education:

Regardless of students’ chosen area of study, the SCCE is designed to support and promote educational opportunities related to entrepreneurship in a variety of ways.

  • Take part in a fantastic core course in entrepreneurship called ENTR 2030: Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Business and Social Perspectives which was added to our B.Comm.(Hons.) degree in Fall 2019. Involvement includes providing an experiential pitch competition which can be hosted in person or virtually.
  • In addition to ENTR 2030, we are also offering a parallel course called ENTR 2020 that students from other faculties can take who are wanting to learn about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.
  • We are proud to have a popular major in B.Comm. Hons. major in Entrepreneurship Small Business where students are exposed to the process of a new venture startup, social initiatives, small business management and family business.
  • Our MBA program is one of the most versatile programs in Canada and offers an entrepreneurship and innovation stream for students to concentrate on.

Driving Entrepreneurial Awareness:

The SCCE drives entrepreneurial awareness through a number of exciting events and competitions including our three major business plan competitions listed below which can be hosted in a virtual or in person format depending on the environment.

Stu Clark New Venture Championships - Graduate Edition:

  • SCCE’s premier international competition for graduate students
  • Competition format designed to mimic the real world process of starting a new venture while rewarding innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Created for student created, managed or owned ventures
  • All competition events will be determined closer to the competition date depending if the event is hosted virtual or in person
  • Events may include Elevator Pitch, Logo Pitch, Business Plan Presentation
  • Teams receive valuable feedback from leading industry expert judges
  • More than $60, 000 prize money to be won!

Stu Clark New Venture Championships - Undergraduate Edition

  • Open to undergraduate students from all post-secondary schools in Manitoba
  • Excellent opportunity to bridge classroom learning to real life experience as students pitch their ideas in front of judges
  • Students may compete individually or as a team
  • All competition events will be determined closer to the competition date depending if the event is hosted virtual or in person
  • Events may include Elevator Pitch, Logo Pitch, Business Plan Presentation
  • Students gain valuable experience pitching their venture and received quality feedback from the judges
  • More than $15,000 prize money to be won!

Stu Clark New Venture Championships - High School Edition

  • Open to all high school students across the Province of Manitoba
  • Students can apply individually or as a team and 16 teams will be selected to compete at the event
  • This competition exposes students to important life skills such as public speaking, writing skills and creative thinking
  • All competition events will be determined closer to the competition date depending if the event is hosted virtual or in person
  • Events may include Elevator Pitch, Logo Pitch, Business Plan Presentation and Trade Show Competition
  • More than $6,000 in cash prizes to be won! 
  • In the past this competition has seen unique concepts such as a public speaking virtual reality app, a mobile car detailing service, gourmet homemade hot sauce and spray on grip that improves the performance of athletic shoes!

 These competitions wouldn’t be possible without heavy involvement from our entrepreneurship community members and allies in our business and educational community. Each event requires 20 – 35 industry expert judges who are tasked with providing students valuable and tangible feedback to help progress the student’s ventures forward.  

In addition to competition, we also provide support to The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub which is an initiative launched to provide access to critical information in support of Women’s Entrepreneurship. It will serve as a one-stop source of knowledge, data and best practices for women entrepreneurs. As part of this role, The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub will deliver a number of activities intended to support the advancement of women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds throughout the innovation ecosystem.

Create Student Engagement:

Student engagement is critical to the entrepreneurial student journey at the University of Manitoba.   The SCCE organizes and arranges various entrepreneurial activities to encourage participation and collaboration from all students on campus regardless on their faculty!

Sign up for the Stu Clark Webinar Series lead by Venture Coach, Josh Zaporzan who talks about various topics including:

  • No Idea? No Problem!
  • Validation - Why & How?
  • The Perfect Pitch
  • Business Plan Essentials
  • Raising Capital – How and Where?
  • Marketing your Startup
  • Co-founders & Building a Team.

Sign up for all future webinars and view past webinars on our website at this link.

Participate and apply to SCCE’s various virtual competitions. Be sure to follow the SCCE on Instagram and to check in with our website for announcements on upcoming virtual competitions.

Past Competitions Include:

  • Stu Clark Learn From Home Competition
  • Stu Clark Name That Business Competition
  • Stu Clark Design That Logo Competition
  • Stu Clark Small Business Award

Supporting Entrepreneurial Activities:

The Venture Coach program at the SCCE is a resource for students to help lead them into startup land! The Venture Coach provides one-on-one meetings with students at any stage in the startup, from the beginning stages of an idea and beyond. Students book a meeting with the Venture Coach and receive valuable feedback in idea vetting, feasibility studies, financial modelling, capital raising, capital structuring, market research, cash flow projections, or to simply bounce ideas around with another entrepreneur!

The Venture Coach at the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship is a recent graduate who has experience in entrepreneurship and is passionate about mentoring students pursuing their own ideas for a venture.

To book a meeting with our Venture Coach email venturecoach@umanitoba.ca

Community Connection:

Winnipeg’s vibrant, active and knowledgeable entrepreneurial ecosystem has some key players that we are honoured be connected with and more can be read here.