Athletic Therapy Student Council


Deanna Pesun

Deanna Pesun




Hey everyone! My name is Deanna and I will be your ATSA president for 2019-2020 academic year! I cannot believe this is my final year in this program, as I am a fourth-year student. Welcome to all the new students, you are in for the time of your life! As most people in our program, I chose AT because I am fascinated by the human body and how we, as AT’s can get people back to doing what they love. This will be my second year on council, and I cannot wait to get to know my fellow council members better, and I hope that we can come up with some more opportunities to create unity among the program. We are a small program and we count on each other to help motivate us to do, and be, our best. I really encourage all students to talk to myself and the other the council members, with any ideas for the upcoming year. This is your year; we want to make the best experience for you! Please do not hesitate to say hi in the halls or send me a message! Good luck on your studies this year. I cannot wait to get started on the year, let’s have some fun!

Nathan Simon

 Nathan Simon



Hello there! My name is Nathan Simon and I am excited to serve as the Vice President of the Athletic Therapy Students’ Association this year. I am in my third year of the Athletic Therapy program and the journey so far has been incredibly fun, engaging, and just the right amount of challenging. I like to say that our bodies are the vehicles in which we travel through life! As such, I love learning how to better understand, promote, and rehabilitate the movement of these vehicles. For all the new faces joining us this year, one of the things that makes our program so great, is the teamwork, friendship, and support that we share between our relatively small group of peers. As the AT3s and AT4s will tell you, it’s much easier to learn how to tape an ankle on a friend than on yourself! This year, my goal will be to assist our President and my fellow ATSA members in creating the best student experience possible. As we embark on another year of learning and development, know that your ATSA is working diligently to make 2019/2020 the best school year yet!


Taylor Smith

 Taylor Smith



Hey everyone! My name is Taylor Smith and will be Treasurer/Secretary this year. Welcome to the program to all the incoming AT2’s and welcome back to all the returning students. This is my first year on council and my third year in the program. I chose this program because I want to help people keep playing the sports they love and live their lives to the fullest. I’ve always been interesting in rehabilitation and injury prevention, so the athletic therapy program was an obvious choice. Feel free to come talk to me if you have any questions or if you see me around. Good luck to everyone this year!


Fundraising / Social Coordinators
Evan Fehr




Hey everyone! My name is Evan Fehr and I am your Social and Fundraising Coordinator for the 2019-2020 school year. I would like to welcome all the new incoming AT 2’s and welcome back all the returning AT 3’s and AT 4’s! This will be my second year on council. Like many of my classmates, I chose athletic therapy because love sports and enjoy helping others! I am excited to plan some fun social events and I am looking forward to creating more opportunities for all AT’s to get to know each other outside of shadowing hours. I also have some great ideas for fundraisers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, or if you see me on campus. I look forward to getting to know all of you this year. Let’s have a fun year! 


AT 4 / Grad Representative
Damiano Racano




Hello everyone, my name is Damiano Racano and I am the AT4/Grad Rep for the upcoming year. This year is my first year on council and I am looking forward to working with everyone on council to make this year the best possible for everyone in the program. I chose Athletic Therapy because I have been involved in sports all my life and have always wanted to be able to help people with injury prevention and rehabilitation. As well for those of you who already know me, I am always injured and have been in a clinic for treatment more times than I can count. Welcome back to the returning AT 3 and 4’s. To the incoming AT 2’s, welcome to the program and I look forward to meeting all of you and please feel free to contact me if you ever need anything!


AT 3 Representative
Andrew Ly

Andrew Ly 



Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Ly, and I will be the AT3 Representative on the ATSA council this year. I’d like to give a warm welcome to our AT2’s and a welcome back to our AT3’s and AT4’s. I chose the Athletic Therapy Program after finding a fascination for rehabilitation and injury prevention while playing primarily basketball and volleyball growing up. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to another great year! GO BISONS!


AT 2 Representative
Elizabeth Rzeszutek

 Elizabeth R



Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Rzeszutek and I’m an AT2 student. This is my first time ever being on a student council and I’m really thankful to have this opportunity to meet so many interesting people passionate about athletic therapy. I chose to go into athletic therapy because of my love for watching sports, and helping people, as well as my interest in musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation. My end goal with my degree and certification is to one day work with pro hockey teams. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. Happy studying!