Photo & Video Policy
For the safety and privacy of all users, the use of photo or video recording devices is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all sport and recreation facilities. This includes any and all areas inside the following sport and recreation facilities:
  • Active Living Centre
  • Frank Kennedy
  • Joyce Fromson Pool
  • Investors Group Athletic Centre
  • Max Bell Centre
  • Joe Doupe Recreation Centre
  • Any and ALL change/locker/washroom areas in all spaces listed above

Violoation of this policy will result in an immediate revocation of membership/facility privelages. Additionally, we strongly encourage all users to refrain as much as possible from using any mobile device, tablet or laptop when in any change/locker/washroom area so to avoid suspicion of photos or videos being taken.

Promotional Video/Photography

On occasion, photos and videos within the sport and recreation facilities may be taken but only with expressed written consent. Photo/video requests can be sent to sport and recreation facilities director Simon Wang at

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this policy or would like to report an incident where you feel you have been purposefully or inadvertently recorded in a photo or on video in a violation of our video and photo policy, please contact a member of our customer service staff immediately.  Alternatively, you may email us at