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The Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management offers two thesis-based graduate degree programs; target="_top">Master of Science and target="_top">Master of Arts.

Our Masters students win scholarships and awards, work on student research assistantships, speak at workshops and conferences, are published in journals, and work with world-class researchers and advisors in the labs in the Research Institute. Best of all, they get a valuable and competitive degree from a Faculty with a strong reputation and a long success story.

Our graduate degree programs are highly competitive and are considered limited enrollment programs. Every year we admit a small number of high-caliber students to ensure each student receives the best one-on-one supervision possible.

First: Research the Research

Because entry to our graduate programs is competitive, we strongly recommend applicants review the research interests of the various advisors.

Then, contact the advisor in order to discuss how your research interests might match. Since your advisor will pay a key role in determining your course work requirements and guiding thesis research, it is important you select an advisor whose expertise and research reflects your own area of interest.

Resources & Support

The Faculty and the Institute jointly provide resources and support for graduate program-related research. Research activities in the HLHPRI are supported by seven labs and research offices. These labs provide workspace and equipment for many of the student research assistants who work for the Institute. Financial support is typically available to qualified applicants to the graduate programs in the form of graduate assistantships to conduct research in the Institute, and to provide service to Bison Sports and Active Living programs.

Funding for You

Graduate students can compete for various local, regional and national funding awards. As well, the HLHP Research Institute and Faculty are committed to providing employment opportunities for graduate students on funded research initiatives, and providing ongoing support for student thesis work, such as awards for travel.

How to Apply


kevin boreskie graduate studies alumnus

Kevin Boreskie, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management Graduate Studies alumnus, 2018

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