MA Course Offerings
Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

PERS 7000 Research in Kinesiology and Recreation Studies (3CH). Concepts and issues in designing, implementing, and disseminating research in areas broadly related to kinesiology and leisure. It is recommended that students complete this compulsory course within their first year of enrolment in the Master's program. Prerequisite: Instructor’s permission.

PERS 7002 Community Development: Qualitative Methods (3CH). Students will be introduced to the traditions in the qualitative field, explore the theoretical foundations that underpin qualitative inquiries, and develop their capacity to think critically about ethical issues involved in the research process (e.g. working with marginalized groups and conducting community-based research.

PERS 7004 Current Research in Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: Physical Aspects (3CH). This course will include the presentation of research evidence-based current thought on physical activity, health and leisure. Pre-requisites: courses in anatomy, physiology/exercise physiology, and biomechanics, or permission of course coordinator.

PERS 7006 Current Research in Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: Psycho-Social Aspects (3CH). This course will include the presentation of current research and scholarship on physical activity, health, and leisure from social science and humanities perspectives. PERS 7080 Directed Study in Kinesiology and Recreation (3CH). Provides opportunities for in-depth individualized study within a specific area of interest. Can be completed twice (different topics) for a maximum of six credits; however, only three credits may count towards the minimum program requirement of 12 credits.

REC 7010 Leisure and Recreation: Concepts and Theories (3CH). Critical analysis of the dominant concepts, theories, and research associated with the development of basic and applied knowledge in recreation and leisure studies. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

REC 7060 Issues in Tourism (3CH). Contemporary issues and research related to travel behaviour and sustainable tourism. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

REC 7090 Special Topics in Recreation and Leisure Studies (3CH). Contemporary research and theory in selected areas of recreation and leisure studies, the topics addressed in this course will vary depending on faculty expertise and student need. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.