About Us

Recreation Services is part of the Active Living department within the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the U of M.

We are pleased to offer membership services and recreational programming for 27,000 U of M Students, U of M Faculty & Staff, Alumni and the Community.

Recreation Services has been offering quality programs and services for 85 years!

Customer Service Supervisor 204-474-6238
Tanya Angus tanya.angus@umanitoba.ca
Director of Programs 204-474-8756
Kerri Chase kerri.chase@umanitoba.ca
Program Coordinator, Joe Doupe Centre 204-789-3617
Charwin Dahl charwin.dahl@umanitoba.ca
Coordinator of Membership Services 204-474-9210
Chris Dalton  
Customer Service Representative 204-474-7864
Emily George emily.george@umanitoba.ca
Coordinator, Adult Wellness and Leagues 204-474-7062
Mandy Laing mandy.laing@umanitoba.ca
Director of Membership Services 204-474-8755
David Kent david.kent@umanitoba.ca
Coordinator Fitness Testing & Conditioning 204-474-7976
Jared Ladobruk jared.ladobruk@umanitoba.ca
Marketing Coordinator 204-474-7016
Oreleen Langlois  
Customer Service Representative 204-474-7864
Ulla Liljegren ulla.liljegren@umanitoba.ca
Coordinator Fitness & Lifestyle Services 204-474-6476
Christine Majury christine.majury@umanitoba.ca
Coordinator Membership & Customer Service, Joe Doupe Centre 204-789-3866
Karen Murison  
Customer Service Representative 204-474-7864
Kyla Ray kyla.ray@umanitoba.ca
Coordinator Intramurals & Clubs 204-474-7077
Gary Thompson gary.thompson@umanitoba.ca
Director, Active Living Centre 204-474-8628

Many U of M students and alumni are employed with us. We currently employ over 150 students, casual staff and recent grads.

General Employment Application Form (PDF)

Customer Service Team

Getting active and staying involved is the path to student success. Being in good health and prepared academically, emotionally and financially gives students their best start to university.

Recreation Services Mission
To inspire and facilitate students and staff of the University of Manitoba and the community to embrace active healthy lifestyles through involvement in a diverse assortment of enjoyable and educational experiences that will contribute to improved quality of life.