REC Clubs

Make the most of student life. REC clubs are here for you!

A REC Club is a group of students that voluntarily organize to further their common interests in an activity through participation and competition.

All you need to get a REC Club off the ground is the desire to develop your leadership skills and a group of people with a similar interest in a particular sport or activity. REC Clubs are student led and foster an atmosphere of leadership development through involvement in fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, schedulling as well as the development of skills in a particular sport or recreational activity. REC Club Student Executive members receive Co-Curricular Recognition on their University of Manitoba transpcript for each year that they serve as an executive member.

Recreation Services provides these voluntarily-run student organizations with facility space, administrative support and promotional opportunities in an effort to ensure that each REC Club is as successful as possible.

Recreation services memberships are not required to participate in Rec Clubs. A new Club Fee system has been created to ensure that Rec Clubs are more accessible to students at the University of Manitoba.

Note: Some REC Clubs may charge additional dues to cover expenses related to specialty equipment, travel costs and more. Contact the representative club president for more information.

New Club proposals are always welcome. Visit Start a New Club for more information!

For more information contact 204-474-6100 or

Tennis Club

REC Club Operation Manual (PDF)

Trip Request Approval Form (Step 1)
Driver Declaration Form (Step 2)
* Required if any member will be operating a vehicle
Statement of Responsibilities Form (Step 3)
Final Travel Itinerary Form (Step 4)

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Going Pro in Something Other Than Sport

University and College student athletes from various post-secondary institutions who take part in Rec and/or Sport Clubs provide perspective on their experience in Clubs.

University of Manitoba Rec Clubs – your University, your Club, your Experience