Background to the Program

In our work involving the technique analysis of elite Manitoba athletes, we have found a scarcity of useful and detailed analyses of sports techniques available on the web. These analyses could be used by coaches and athletes to assist in improving their technique and also improve their performance in their sport.

This project proposes to make sport technique analysis information available to coaches, including video images of skilled performers in a sport as well as video of less skilled Manitoba athletes for comparison purposes. The video recorded skills will be accompanied by detailed written analysis of these skills, which would be able to be downloaded by coaches and athletes.

Although the information is being prepared primarily for the use of Manitoba athletes and coaches, it will also be accessible by others in the sport community who are interested in this type of technique analysis.

We hope to include the potential for skill analysis in several other sports included in the upcoming Canada Games, including fencing, skiing, squash, hockey, badminton and judo.