Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management //

Inter-Faculty Option in Aging

Graduates of Option in Aging will have an extra edge in dynamic fields such as social work, nursing, fitness, recreation and leisure, family and community support, human nutrition, clothing and textiles, environment, psychological therapy and academics.

The Option in Aging is an opportunity to expand your area of study into several faculties, classrooms, and learning experiences. It offers a diverse and well-rounded degree. It is called an option because instead of your courses being concentrated within a single faculty, the option spans five faculties, each of which offers its own specialized and targeted courses on aging.

The Option in Aging consists of 18 credit hours of aging-related course­work. Students who complete the Option in Aging will have it added to their transcript upon graduation.

Students from the following five faculties can elect to complete the Option in Aging:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
  • College of Nursing, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Work

In order to declare the Option in Aging, students must meet with an Aca­demic Advisor once they have successfully completed the two compulsory courses of KIN/NURS 2610* and REC/HMEC/SWRK 2650* (*offerings alternate between faculties).

Upon graduation, a student who has met all the requirements will have the concentration added to their transcript indicating they have completed the Option in Aging.

For more information on the Interfaculty Option in Aging please continue to the Centre on Aging information page.

Kinesiology and Recreation Management Option in Aging students must complete: 

  • KIN/NURS 2610* (3 credit hours) Health and Physical Aspects of Aging (*offerings alternate between faculties)
  • REC/HMEC/SWRK 2650* (3 credit hours) Social Aspects of Aging (*offerings alternate between faculties)
  • ONE OF (depending on program of study**):
    • REC 4250 (3 credit hours) Leisure and Aging (**B.R.M.C.D. students; not offered every year)
    • KIN 4500 (3 credit hours) Physical Activity and Aging (**B.Kin. students)
  • AND 9 credit hours of approved Option in Aging Electives (listed below)†

Approved Option in Aging Elective Courses†‡

(†subject to availability, course pre-requisites and restrictions)

(‡any Topics or Field Placement course listed below is valid only if the topic or placement is aging related at the time it is taken, and if prior approval to use the course for the Option in Aging is received from the Department)

Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management

  • KIN 4500 – Physical Activity and Aging
  • REC 4250 – Leisure and Aging
  • PERS 4630 – Supervised Fieldwork Experience
  • PERS 4600 – Directed Studies

Faculty of Arts:

  • FILM 3420 – Film Theory
  • PSYC 2360 – Brain and Behaviour
  • PSYC 2370 – Developmental Psychology from Adolescence to Old Age
  • PSYC 3350 – Behaviour Neuroscience
  • PSYC 3460 – Abnormal Behaviour
  • PSYC3490 – Individual Differences
  • PSYC3610 – Memory
  • PSYC4420 – Neuroimaging: Imaging and Thoughts
  • PSYC4430 – Vision: Perception and Action
  • PSYC4566 – Psychology of Health and Aging
  • RLGN 1410 – Death and Concepts of the Future
  • SOC 2490 – Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOC 2620 – Sociology of Aging
  • SOC 3510 – Population Dynamics and Change
  • SOC 3540 – The Sociology of the Elderly and Aging

Faculty of Human Ecology:

  • FMLY 3220 – Death and the Family
  • FMLY 3240 – Families in Later Years
  • HNSC 2130 – Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
  • HNSC 4310 – Nutrition and the Elderly

Faculty of Nursing

  • NURS 2200 – Selected Topics in Aging and Health
  • NURS 3330 – Women and Health
  • NURS 3400 – Men’s Health: Concerns, Issues and Myths

Faculty of Social Work

  • SWRK 4050 – Selected Topics in Social Work