Academic Staff
David M. Collins, Ph.D.

Interests and expertise
  • Social and behavioural aspects of pharmacy practice. The application of social science principles to understanding the influence of human behaviour on the delivery of pharmaceutical and related health care services.
  • Measurement issues in social and behavioural research.
  • Evaluation of health outcomes.

Current research areas

  • Development of a hospital based Medication Liaison Services by Hospital Pharmacists. Developing and testing models of Medication Liaison as a means of addressing and putting into action NHS recommendations aimed at reducing the adverse consequences of drug use, and improving drug use outcomes.
  • Assessment of the impact of professional socialisation on the development of the health sciences student's professional role perceptions.
  • Reasoning, visual symbols and compliance with asthma medications. Evaluation of the interaction between lay-beliefs about the cause of asthma, and behaviours reducing compliance with inhaled medications.
  • Quantifying community based pharmacy interventions. An exploration of the cost benefits and Cost effectiveness of Pharmacy Services.
  • Investigation of role associated social desirability bias in mail survey research. An investigation into the nature of social desirability bias, specifically its interaction with issue salience and social role, in survey measurement.

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