Major Teaching Hospitals

Health Sciences Centre (HSC)

Located in Winnipeg's inner city, this is Manitoba's largest health care complex, housing six specialty centres, including CancerCare Manitoba, Children's Hospital, General Hospital, PsycHealth Centre, Respiratory & Rehabilitation Hospital, and Women's Hospital. This facility functions as the major referral centre for trauma and acute surgical illness. HSC is adjacent to the University of Manitoba Bannatyne campus, offering easy access for residents and medical students to all University services, including the Neil John McLean Health Sciences Library, the main medical library, and other resources such as computer labs and bookstore.

Our residents are assigned to the three General Surgery services located at this hospital:

  • Trauma Service (Gold Surgery Service)
    This service provides residents training in trauma, acute care surgical management, and ambulatory clinic experience.  Attending surgeons are on-site on a twenty-four hour basis.
  • Hepatobiliary / Gastrointestinal Service (Orange Surgery Service)
    The major emphasis on this service is the hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal surgery experience. This service has a strong liaison with the gastroenterology / endoscopy unit and includes a busy ambulatory clinic experience.
  • Surgical Oncology Service (Green Surgery Service)
    Multidisciplinary management of complex oncology cases highlight this service.  There is a major emphasis on head and neck and breast cases, along with other malignancies such as colorectal and melanoma. This service works closely with CancerCare Manitoba and Breast Health Centre and includes weekly ambulatory clinical experiences at both sites.

Children’s Hospital

Part of the Health Sciences Centre complex, this hospital is the major referral centre for paediatrics and paediatric illness, servicing Saskatchewan and western Ontario as well as Manitoba. Residents are exposed to most major pediatric surgical disorders (except cardiac surgery) through busy OR slates, ambulatory clinics, formal rounds, and teaching sessions.

St. Boniface General Hospital

Located on the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg's French community, this hospital is a Catholic tertiary centre affiliated with the Sisters of Charity of Montreal “Grey Nuns” and with the University of Manitoba. It is the major referral centre for complex general surgery problems (excluding multiple traumas), with an emphasis on colorectal, breast, and minimal access general surgery. In addition, it has recently become the major referral centre for cardiac illnesses.

Our residents are assigned to three General Surgery Services located at this hospital:

  • Acute Care Surgical Service
    This service provides residents training in acute care surgical management.  On this service the resident will experience high operative volumes.
  • A Service
    This is an elective general surgery service with emphasis on minimally invasive surgery and to a lesser degree colorectal and breast oncology.
  • B Service
     This is an elective general surgery service with an emphasis on colorectal surgery.