Program Overview

The General Surgery Residency Program at the University of Manitoba consists of five years of general surgical training (optional six years with the Master of Science Degree in Surgery through the Faculty of Graduate Studies).

Our program is organized into mandatory and elective surgical and non-surgical rotations, whereby the resident must acquire the requisite knowledge as well as clinical and technical skills and attitudes necessary, and must integrate all of the CanMEDS roles to become a specialist general surgeon. Each resident enrolled in the program has an equal opportunity to take advantage of those elements of the program best able to meet his/her educational needs.

Residents are given increasing professional responsibility, under appropriate supervision, according to his/her level of training, ability, and experience on clinical rotations.

The academic and scholarly aspects of the Program complement the resident’s clinical experience and prepare the resident to fulfill the roles of the specialist General Surgeon..


Evaluation of the resident’s performance is made regularly including In-Training Evaluations on each rotational experience; regularly scheduled oral examinations; annual CAGS exam; Royal College Principles of Surgery exam; technical skills assessments; and semi-annual meetings with the Program Director.

Education Sessions

The General Surgery Program organizes weekly education sessions that occur each Wednesday afternoon. All General Surgery residents are excused from clinical / service duties during this protected time and attendance is mandatory.

Sessions include: Anatomy didactic and lab dissection; Clinical Problems in General Surgery; Surgical Foundations Seminar Series; Department Grand Rounds; service rounds; and monthly Journal Club.

Residents interested in an academic career may choose the Masters in Surgery Program for an additional year of research experience. This normally occurs after a resident’s second or third year of training.

The Masters Program is jointly sponsored by the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is designed to grant surgical residents a year free of clinical duties to pursue a research project of their own design under the mentorship of a senior investigator in the Faculty of Medicine. Successful completion of this program includes meeting the course requirements, submitting a completed thesis, and the defense of this thesis by a Thesis Examining Committee approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Following successful defense of the thesis, graduation from the Faculty of Graduate Studies occurs.

During his/her final year, the resident will function as the Chief Resident on the assigned service. He/she will be entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing patient care, including the most difficult general surgery problems. The Chief Resident is in charge of the general surgical unit assigned and is directly responsible to the Attending staff surgeons in the Unit.

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