Research Overview
D Serletis – Manitoba Neurosurgery Laboratory
Principal Investigator:  Demitre Serletis BSc MD PhD FRCSC FAANS FACS

Overview - Area of Research

The Manitoba Neurosurgery Laboratory (MNL) focuses primarily on the neuroengineering-based study of biosignals acquired in vivo from the human brain, during extra- and intra-cranial electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings and from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based signals, during the standard work-up of epilepsy patients with medically refractory seizures.

Neuroengineering techniques drawing on nonlinear dynamics, complexity, phase synchrony and fractal methods offer innovative insights into the study of human EEG brain recordings, including the study of background neuronal noise and high-frequency signals, and may be used to identify novel mathematical markers underscoring the transition to the epileptic state. Additional post-processing methods may be used to analyze MRI scans in the hopes of further identifying epileptogenic targets for surgical resection. The combination of these computer-based methodologies therefore enhances the identification of epileptogenic neural networks, offering new insight into the mechanisms of epileptogenesis and underscoring potential foci for therapeutic intervention.

The MNL also supports research initiatives into many other diverse aspects of neurosurgery and the neurosciences, spanning the clinical, basic science and historical realms.