Eric Bohm
Dr. Bohm works at the Concordia Hip and Knee Institute in Winnipeg where he specializes in primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery.

He has undergraduate degrees in both mechanical engineering and medicine from McMaster University, and a graduate degree in Community Health and Epidemiology from Dalhousie University. He currently chairs the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Orthopaedic Standards and Quality committee, and the advisory committee of the Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (co-chair). He serves as medical advisor to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s orthopaedic waitlist project, common intake program and joint replacement registry.

In 2009, he completed the prestigious ABC fellowship, sponsored by the American, Canadian, British and South African Orthopaedic Societies.

Highlights of Current Research Projects / Grants

Principal Investigator(s)

Project Title


Bohm, E. , Brandt, J.

Analysis of synovial fluid of patients undergoing primary and revision total joint arthroplasty

Department of Surgery GFT Research Grant

Brandt, J., Bohm, E.

The effects of hyaluronic acid on polyethylene wear in total joint replacements

Alexander Gibson Fund


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