Neil Berrington, MBBCh, MMed, FRCS (Glasgow), FCS(SA)
Dr Berrington completed his undergraduate training at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1985, and went on to complete a residency and MMed in Neurosurgery at the the University of Pretoria. Hes spent 6 years in private practice in Johannesburg, before accepting a position here in Manitoba in the Section of Neurosurgery. He subsequently went on to complete a fellowship in complex spine surgery at U of M.

He has a strong interest in medical education, previously assuming roles as the undergraduate director for Neurosurgery, as as the first Medical Director of the Physician Assistant Education Program. He publishes regular anatomy features for the Canadian Spine Society.

In 2011 he assumed the roles of Section Head and Regional Lead for Neurosurgery. During his tenure, the program has grown substantially and boasts a sizable faculty of sub specialist surgeons and has thriving residency and research programs.

His clinical focus is spinal surgery, and he one of the early adopters of minimally invasive spine surgery and enhanced recovery protocols.

His other interests include professionalism and civility in medicine.

Research Focus
Clinical outcomes in spinal surgery

University of Manitoba positions
Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
Head, Section of Neurosurgery

Clinical positions
Regional Lead, Neurosurgery
Medical Director, Winnipeg Spine Program


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Book Chapters.

Surgical Treatment of Back Pain. Handbook of Spine Technology – Springer – 2019 – In Press.

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Neil Berrington
GB127D-Health Science Centre
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3A 1R9

Telephone:  204-787-7261 
Fax: 204-204-783-7356


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