Application Process


  • Superior academic standing
  • Demonstrated potential in acquiring surgical technical skills
  • Demonstrated interest in cardiac surgery with at least one rotation on a cardiac surgery service and a reference letter from a faculty member on that service

Applicant File Assessment Criteria
The Department of Surgery at the University of Manitoba is committed to a fair, equitable and transparent application process. We maintain the right to choose the applicants we feel are the best people for our residency training program. The following criteria will be used as a baseline to determine who will be considered for an interview. However, not all applicants whose files meet our minimum criteria will be offered interviews; only the top candidates will be offered an interview.

We encourage applicants to have at least completed one elective in our specialty.

We do not require applicants to do on site electives to be considered for selection.

Interview Date:  TBA
**Program will only notify applicants selected for interview.

Candidates are short-listed and then interviewed by the members of the residency program committee. This consists of faculty members and residents. Each personal interview, 30 minutes in duration, is chaired by the Program Director and conducted in a semi-structured manner.

A personal letter is required outlining pertinent personal and academic history, reasons for choosing the specialty of cardiac surgery and future career goals.

Supporting letters from three faculty members are required. At least one of them must be from a Cardiac Surgeon on whose service the candidate has rotated.

We currently do not accept IMG applicants.