Surgery Research Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference

The Research Advisory Committee of the Department of Surgery advises the Thorlakson Chair in Surgical Research on the coordination and facilitation of research activities within the Department of Surgery.  The Committee  represents the research interests of all members of the Department of Surgery across the tertiary and community hospitals of the University of Manitoba.

 The major functions of the Research Advisory Committee:

Receive Reports

  •  The Research Advisory Committee meeting is the official forum for committee members to report issues or concerns related to faculty conducting research.

Dissemination of Information

  • Facilitate communication regarding research matters within the Department.
  • Disseminate information related to available resources including funding sources and support services for faculty involved in research within the Department.


  • Develop general research policies for the members across the Department of Surgery.
  • Make recommendations to the Head of the Department will include but not limited to research awards, research grants and structure of research events.
  • Oversee the broad-based research interests of the Department; including maintenance of a research database.
  • Provide support through a peer review process to pre-review applications for faculty who are submitting grant applications.
  • Develop informal events and/or educational sessions to encourage and support new faculty and resident researchers.
  • Maintain the Departmental database of grants and awards and communicate this information, as required, to the Department Head, GFT Council Committee and departmental members.
  • Plan and organize the Annual Department of Surgery Research Day for faculty and resident presenters.
  • If requested, provide advice and direction to Surgery Thesis Advisors on MSc issues involving student’s progress.
  • Members of the Research Advisory Committee shall be requested to be a member of a student’s Thesis Proposal Presentation and act as an independent Chair for a student’s Oral Dissertation for MSc degree designation from the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Graduate Studies Master of Science Program.  The member must not have been involved in the student’s thesis review.
  • Oversee the activities of the Annual Department of Surgery Grant Competition.
  • Promote research opportunities in the Department.
  • Review the Terms of Reference for the Department of Surgery Research Advisory Committee on an annual basis.


Thorlakson Chair in Surgical Research
Dr Richard Keijzer

Section Representatives
Cardiac Surgery
Dr Rakesh Arora

General Surgery
Dr Krista Hardy
Dr. Ramzi Helewa

Head & Neck Surgery
Dr Alok Pathak

Dr Frederick Zeiler
Dr Michael Ellis

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr Sheila McRae
Dr Tom Turgeon
Jarret Woodmass

Plastic Surgery
Dr Sarvesh Logsetty
Dr Ryan Mitchell

Pediatric Surgery
Dr Suyin Lum Min

Thoracic Surgery
Dr Sadeesh Srinathan
Dr. Biniam Kidane

Dr. Rahul Bansal

Vascular Surgery
Dr April Boyd

University of Manitoba Teaching Services
Dr Mark Torchia

Resident Represent
Dr Rachel Eikelboom (Cardiac Surgery)
Dr Garrett Johnson (General Surgery)

Dr Edward Buchel, Head, Department of Surgery





If you have any questions please contact your section representative or:

Research and Graduate Office

3rd Floor - 825 Sherbrook Street

(204) 787-1219