About Our Research
The Department of Psychiatry has a multidisciplinary research group comprised of principal investigators with educational backgrounds in psychiatry and psychology. Research interests are varied and range from psychiatric epidemiology to neuroimaging. Common research interests in the department include aboriginal and adolescent suicidality, depression, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety, and palliative care and dignity research. Many projects have received financial support through government granting or via private industry.

Department of Psychiatry Annual Research Report
The Department of Psychiatry publishes it's Research Report on an annual basis. These reports are readable in PDF format. Visit the Adobe website to download the PDF viewer. See more....

Manitoba Population Mental Health Research Group
To investigate mental health with the use of epidemiologic studies to advance knowledge that improves patient care, and cailitates the development of evidence-based policy. See more....

Research Investigators
The Department of Psychiatry has a multidisciplinary research group comprised of principal investigators with educational backgrounds in psychiatry and psychology. Research interests are varied and range from psychiatric epidemiology to neuroimaging. Common research interests in the department include aboriginal and adolescent suicidality, depression, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety, and palliative care and dignity research. Many projects have received financial support through government granting or via private industry. See more....

Research Forums
The Department hosts annual research forums where departmental faculty and residents present there research interests and findings and to highlight ongoing research in the department. See more....

Research Publications 
The Department of Psychiatry proudly yields several publications in high impact journals, book chapters, media briefs, and editorials.  Recent publications are listed here from faculty, graduate students, and residents. See more....   

Summer Rounds
The Department hosts Summer Grand Rounds for Staff, residents, and students that focused on learning about the fundamentals of research and scholarship. Academic leaders from the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg provided brief talks about the key lessons they have learned during their academic journey. See more....

Swampy Cree Suicide Prevention Team
The causes of suicide, especially on First Nations reserves, are complex. Through on-going guidance from community representatives of the Swampy Cree Tribal Council, the aim is to develop an increased understanding of the causes of suicide. Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The team is led by Drs. Jitender Sareen, Brenda Elias and Mr. Garry Munro. The funding brings together representatives from eight Swampy Cree Tribal Council communities with University-based researchers and international consultants. See more....

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Mindfulness (CBTm)
CBTm Classes were developed with the goal of improving access to mental health services in Manitoba. CBTm Classes teach the basic principles of depression and axiety and allows people to get a head start on CBT as part of their recovery. The program was developed by Drs. Jitender Sareen, Tanya Sala, Debbie Whitney, Jolene Kinley, Ms Cheryl Maxom and Ms Jacquelyne Wong.

Office of the Associate Dean of Research
The Department provides guidance and links for research funding, resources, and policies and guidelines.



James Bolton, B.Sc., M.D., FRCPC*
Professor, Director of Research, Department of Psychiatry

PZ-430 PsycHealth Centre
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(Phone) 204-787-7078
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*denotes Medical Corporation