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MPMHRG Current Projects

Clinical Trials:

Prazosin Use in Adults with Anxiety Disorders

Summary: Prazosin has shown effectiveness in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder through improving sleep quality and global functioning. Given the significant evidence for its utility in treating PTSD, in combinations with the fact that many anxiety symptoms overlap with PSTD (e.g. insomnia, hyperarousal, and irritability), it is essential to evaluate its potential effectiveness in treating symptoms of other anxiety disorders and patient tolerability.

Status: Recruiting

Creating Resilient Workplaces Study (CReW)

Summary: The proposed study aims to understand the impact of a 5-Class CBTm Course on variables contributing to workplace resilience among Public Safety Personnel (PSP). This involces examining the impact of the CBTm Course on prevention of PSTD and realted conditions among PSPs. This research project will be undertaken using a randomized-controlled trial design. Questionnaires will be completed 1) before taking the course, 2) during the course, 3) after the course, and 4) at a three-month follow-up.

Status: Not yet Recruiting


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