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2019 Department Research Summer School

A new program offering students the opportunity to work on a research project with expert mentorship and develop skills in the fundementals of conducting research. The Summer School features 5 sessions, each themed with corresponding didactic lectures and small working groups. Each group will be led by experienced researchers acting as mentors who will provide input on projects. The summer session will run over 5 weeks in July and August and is open to all residents, physician assistants, medical and graduate students, and research assistants

To register, submit an abstract (<350 words) outlining your research project (title, objectives, methods, anticupated results, conclusions). Participants who attend all 5 sessions may be eligible for an award.

Registration Closed

Dragon Boat Challenge

The angry unicorns are taking a year off to sharpen their horns, hit the gym, and shine their sparkles. See if you can spot the rainbows in 2020.



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