Department of Psychiatry Academic Projects and Other Awards Information

Maimonides Award for the Humanities in Psychiatry

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Sigurdson, the inaugural awardee for the new Maimonides Award for Scholarly contributions to the Humanities in Psychiatry and Mental Health. His contributions to field of Child Mental Health through research and literally work, to our Department and College of Physicians and Surgeons are greatly valued. 

Maimonides Award Informational PDF

Department of Psychiatry Academic Projects Award


We wish to advise you about the upcoming process for applying for a Department of Psychiatry Academic Projects (DPAP) Award for the 2021 Award cycle.
We hope that some of you will see this as a rich opportunity to develop your academic prowess, with our DOP’S fiscal support for your potential project/research.
As an initial step, we are now open to receive a Letter of Intent (LOI), to be provided by the primary applicant/ principal investigator. The LOI  might include:
1. The project title;
2. A short descriptor(3-5 paragraphs/ 500-1200 words) describing the intended academic project;
3. Names of any co-collaborators, including residents or learners; and
4. The name and full (e-mail and formal mail) contact information of the principal investigator.
Please note these changes introduced for the 2021 DPAP Awards:
1. Adjunct DOP Appointees may now apply as primary investigators IF there is a psychiatrist co-investigator; AND
2. The previous 10,000$ support ceiling is more flexible, and larger projects requiring larger funding will also be considered.

Applicants  are expected to email an electronic copy (Word OR PDF) of the LOI or mail a LOI to:
Max Rady College of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
DPAP Awards Committee
PZ420- 771 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3N4
Tel: 204-787-7098
Email both:  AND
LOI Deadline: Passed

Applicants will be notified by the Chair of the DPAP Awards Committee approving the LOI and advising potential candidates to proceed to the full DPAP application process within 5 working days after the above LOI submission deadline. The deadline for receipt of the full DPAP Application will be the 1st week of January, 2021.
We look forward to your interest and LOIs. Please find below 2 documents that will be of assistance. We also strongly encourage your talking with us and with other DOP researchers, including our Department Head and Director of Research.

DPAP Terms of Reference

















Recent Award Recipients

Joule Innovation Grant

Dr. J. Hensel

2020 Research Day Award - Best Paper by an Early or Mid-Career Psychiatrist

Dr. P. Anang

2020 Research Day - Resident Awards

MPA Award for Best Paper
Dr. D. Yu

Best Paper on Education, Psychiatric Services, or Community Psychiatry
Dr. K. Peterson

Best Presentation
Dr. K. Peterson

2020 CBC Manitoba Future 40

Dr. J. Hensel

Dr. A. Stewart-Tufescu

Ruth Hurd Professor in Psychiatry

Dr. J. Bolton

2020 Recipient of the Alexander Leighton Award in Psychiatric Epidemiology

Dr. T. Afifi

2020 J.M. Cleghorn Award for Excellence and Leadership in Clinical Research

Dr. J. Sareen

DPAP 2020 Award Recipients

Dr. Jon Boman

"Resident Psychotherapy Outcomes Project (R-POP)"

Dr. Geoff Konrad

"Contingency Management and Group-Based Treatment Approaches for Methamphetamine Use Disorder"