Geriatric Psychiatry Program


Program Overview


Given the changing demographics of our population expertise and competence in the care of the elderly will become increasingly important across most branches of medicine and surgery. Delirium, dementia, frailty and the interplay between medical illness and mental disorders make this population’s needs particularly challenging.

The Geriatric Psychiatry service offers training opportunities in all aspects of late life mental health care.

The program members work within multidisciplinary teams and independently provide diagnosis, treatment and management of elderly patients across a variety of clinical settings.

Rotations are offered in core training requirements as well as career training.

St. Boniface Hospital Site:
5 Geriatric Psychiatrists,
Outpatient Clinics,
Inpatient Consultation-Liaison,
Geriatric Day Hospital
Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Beds

Deer Lodge Centre:
Inpatient Consultation-Liaison,

Behavioural Management Unit,
Geriatric Day Hospital

Riverview Health Centre:
Inpatient Consultation-Liaison,
Geriatric Day Hospital,
Behavioural Management Unit

Geriatric Mental Health Teams

In the Winnipeg Region there are 6 geographically situated teams.  These teams see patients in all community settings including nursing homes.  Each team works with a Geriatric Psychiatrist.

Weekly rounds include joint teaching rounds with the Geriatricians from the Section of Geriatric Medicine along with Journal Clubs.


Dr. Barry Campbell
Medical Director
M5 McEwen Building
St. Boniface Hospital
409 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2H 2A6
Phone:(204) 235-3285
Fax:(204) 237-6264

Dr. Diane Ducas
Staff Psychiatrist

Dr. Vishal Kaushik
Staff Psychiatrist

Dr. Craig Omelan
Staff Psychiatrist