Adult Eating Disorders Program (HSC)

Program Overview

The Adult Eating Disorders Program of the Health sciences Centre is a multidisciplinary clinical service providing comprehensive assessment and treatment for individuals with eating disorders. The Program provides these services through a dedicated inpatient component, individual outpatient therapy for individuals in transition from more intensive therapies within the program, cognitive behavioral evening courses, intensive ambulatory treatment  "(Day Hospital - group therapy)", readiness groups and family education and transition/maintenance groups. Consultation services are provided as well. The therapy uses mainly behavioral and cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Eating Disorders team members include: two psychiatrists, four nurse-therapists, a social worker, two dietitians, two psychologists,  an occupational therapist and a recreational therapist.

Physician or nurse practicioner referral is required to access services through the Eating Disorders Program. Ongoing medical involvement by the referring physician is required.

In addition to clinical service, education and research are important mandates of the Adult Eating Disorders Program. The program provides psychiatric training experience for Residents, medical students as well as other health-related disciplines.


Dr. Louis Ludwig
Medical Program Director

Dr. Eunice Gill
Inpatient Services