Department of Psychiatry, University of Manitoba, Health Sciences Centre

Goals and objectives: The student will:

1.  Be exposed to different psychotherapeutic modalities.
2.  Read some introductory literature on psychotherapy.
3.  Develop an appreciation of the role of psychotherapy in a patient’s treatment.
4.  Have opportunity for discussion about psychotherapy (Drs. P. Katz, S. Koodoo).

Content: The elective will primarily involve observation and participation in discussions with the psychotherapists in a variety of settings. Opportunities are available in a number of different (primarily group) psychotherapies. These may include:

1.  Family therapy
3.  Cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety and depression
4.  Cognitive behavior therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder
5.  Dialectical behavior therapy
6.  Mindfulness CBT
7.  Mood Disorders Day hospital groups

Other components of the elective include:
1.  Weekly meetings with Dr. Phil Katz to discuss different aspects of psychodynamic psychotherapy.
2.  Time to read literature on psychotherapy.
3.  Attendance at cross service rounds and grand rounds.
4.  Meeting Dr. S. Koodoo to review what they have learnt on their elective.

This elective is available throughout the year.

It can be done as a half time rotation (in conjunction with another psychiatry half time elective). The schedule will be tailored to the interests of the individual. This elective is available for a minimum commitment of 2 weeks.

Any questions can be forwarded to Dr. Stanley Koodoo at (204)787-7191 or

For more detailed information, please contact:

Dr. Stanley Koodoo
PZ167, PsycHealth Bldg.
771 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone No.: (204)787-7191
Fax No: (204)787-4975