Mission Statement:

To provide internationally competitive research and training programs in physiology and pathophysiology through the highest levels of scholarship of its members. Our mission includes discovery of new biomedical knowledge through rigorous scientific research methods, as well as translation and dissemination of this knowledge, whenever possible, as part of the medical research enterprise aimed at excellent student education and better health for Manitobans, Canadians and all peoples. These research and training endeavours are pursued in a respectful workplace that values participation, and supports partnerships. 

Vision Statement:

We strive to be in the top five Physiology departments in Canada, and continue to be proud of our earned reputation for research, education and service performance. We also strive to provide an environment in which we are happy to work, train and grow, and feel both valued for what we contribute and offer as partners.

Values Statement:

Our goals are to -

  • take pride in an earned reputation for research, training and service excellence
  • do our best to ensure we are a terrific place to work and train, based on a culture of respect, participation and valuing individual and team contributions
  • align research and education/training areas, supporting greater recruitment and translational aspects, through a focus on physiology and pathophysiology in our Divisions of Cardiovascular Science and Disease, Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, Neuroscience and Spinal Cord Injury, and Respiratory Physiology and Disease
  • strive for a graduate program second to none in the area of medical physiology and pathophysiology through a structured M.Sc. that also provides essential skills for biomedical research and clear process to transfer and continue towards a Ph.D.
  • increase dialogue and opportunities to contribute to the Department