Neuroscience and Spinal Cord Injury
Our major research goals are to understand the mechanisms (biophysical and biochemical) underlining the pathophysiology of spinal cord injury. This includes investigations into spinal cord physiology, gap junctions and gap junction proteins, axonal growth and regeneration and autonomic control.

The current Head of Division is Dr. Brent Fedirchuk.  The majority of the laboratories engaged in the research reside on both the 4th and 6th floors of the Basic Medical Sciences Building on the Bannatyne Campus. 

The Division includes 13 Professors and Adjunct Professors that are eligible to train students in the Department of Physiology. The Division is well known for its support for student opportunities, including through the co-op program, and many of its alumnae are now working in academia, areas of health delivery and service, as well as the private sector.