Dr. Robert E. Ariano
Robert E. Ariano
Pharm.D., BCPS, FCCM
Associate Professor - Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
College of Medicine;
University of Manitoba;

Clinical Professor – College of Pharmacy
University of Manitoba;

Department of Pharmacy
St. Boniface General Hospital
409 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba RH 2A6

(204) 237-2050 fax: (204) 235-1476

Research Focus:
My primary practice focus is pharmacology in the critically ill patient.
My general interests are in incorporating antimicrobial pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles into clinical practice. Through the identification of patient specific pharmacokinetic parameters and linking it with information from the laboratory on the infecting pathogen and its susceptibility, I target antimicrobial dosing regimens in order to optimize bacterial cell kill. I feel that these principles are reasonably important in the critically ill patient and thus highly relevant to my practice in intensive care. The opportunity to be realized is that this link between antimicrobial pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics with clinical outcome of patients is just now been explored.
My second area of research interest involves pharmacokinetic population modeling. Before population-modeling techniques became available (i.e. NONMEM and NPAG), only intensive pharmacokinetic sampling of every patient in a study could allow for accurate parameter identification. With the advent of population modeling programs such as NPAG “Non-Parametric Adaptive Grid ", we now have the ability to identify a drug's pharmacokinetics with as little information as one blood sample per patient. This is most appropriate to the clinical arena, where intensive sampling can be cost-prohibitive and a burden to patient care. In addition, the NPAG approach allows for the discovery of unsuspected subpopulations of patients who are either rapid or slow metabolizers of a drug.

Please note I do not take graduate students.

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Dr. Robert E. Ariano
Research area:  Clinical pharmacology