Dr. Wayne Lautt

W. Wayne Lautt
Professor Emeritus- Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics



Research Focus:
We have recently discovered the mechanism of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes and many other disease states.  The mechanism is activated only following a meal and results n meal-induced insulin sensitization with the postprandial response to insulin being doubled as a result.  This new mechanism is based upon the ability of insulin to cause the release of a hormone (hepatic insulin sensitizing substance (HISS)) from the liver that acts selectively on skeletal muscle to stimulate glucose uptake and storage as glycogen.  The ability of insulin to release HISS is dependent on two feeding signals delivered to the liver through the hepatic parasympathetic nerves and hepatic glutathione.  Dysfunction of the hepatic nerves leads to insulin resistance secondary to lack of HISS action and results in postprandial hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, hypertriglyceridemia, increased free radical production, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.  Therapeutic approaches to treat diabetes are directed at mimicking or potentiating the feeding signals in order to restore insulin sensitivity.  These studies range from molecular to cellular to integrative animal to human studies and include corporate pharmaceutical development. 

Common Areas:
Liver integrative functions, vascular, neural, metabolic; diabetes, gestational diabetes, insulin resistance; cardiovascular autonomic nerve and metabolic dysfunctions in type 2 diabetes.

Current Research Areas:
1)  Regulation of insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle by a hepatic factor released through a parasympathetic reflex. Related to insulin resistance in diabetes and other disease states.
2)  Drug discovery program to treat insulin resistance

General Research Approaches:
In vivo determination of neuro-humoral and cardiovascular responses in liver and splanchnic systems. Hepatic and whole body regulation of glucose metabolism. Autonomic nervous actions in vascular and metabolic regulation. The use of in vitro bioassays to detect endogenous regulators. Insulin sensitivity tests.

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Dr. W. Wayne Lautt
Area of research:  Liver integrative functions; relation of insulin resistance to cardiovascular disease and liver disease diagnostics and therapeutics for type 2 diabetes

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