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University of Manitoba: U of M - Medicine - Pediatrics and Child Health - Neonatology - RSV Prophylaxis Program

University of Manitoba

U of M - Medicine - Pediatrics and Child Health - Neonatology - RSV Prophylaxis Program

RSV Prophylaxis Program

Manitoba RSV Immunoprophylaxis Program

Children’s Hospital CE308N – 820 Sherbrook Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3E 1R9

The Manitoba RSV Immunoprophylaxis program actively identifies Manitoban infants eligible for immunoprophylaxis.  Collaboration with the provincial NICUs, paediatric subspecialists, community paediatricians and family physicians, and health care providers in remote communities allows comprehensive identification of infants and children traditionally eligible based on the standard criteria of prematurity, bronchopulmonary dysplasia and hemodynamically significant heart disease. 

In addition, the program coordinates and organizes immunoprophylaxis for all enrolled patients throughout the province.  Eligible inpatients receive immunoprophylaxis during hospitalization in the NICUs and the Children`s Hospital in Winnipeg.  Weekly outpatient immunoprophylaxis clinics are held at the Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg for enrolled patients residing in or near Winnipeg.  Infants followed by the ACF Paediatrics group at St. Boniface receive RSV immunoprophylaxis in their physician’s offices.  The Program also arranges immunoprophylaxis to those residing in more remote regions through extensive collaboration with local physicians, nurses, nursing stations and community health care units.

Contact Information:
Phone: (204) 787-2535
Fax (204) 787-2545
E-mail address is:


Dr Aaron Chiu – Director of program
Rose Paulley – RSV Program Coordinator  
Sherree Anderson – RSV Program Administration    
Dr Joanne Embree – Assistant Director and ID Consultant

Children’s Hospital RSV Clinic Nurses:
Ruth Reimer    
Cory Kress
Lise Bourrier
Debbie Cote
Amy Yakimoski
Kris Sneesby

St. Boniface Representatives:
Darlene Mihalchuk – Coordinator ACF SBGH
Naomi Granke – Newborn F/U program SBGH

Pharmacy Representatves:
Ron Eros – Pharmacy Site Manager for Paediatrics 
Helen Ferens – CK4 Pharmacy HSC
Lydia Smart – Pharmacy Tech HSC
Luke Mackenzie – Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy SBGH
Roxanne Burton – Pharmacy Tech SBGH

Jill Thurston – Pharmacy Tech SBGH
Julie Muise – Pharmacy Tech SBGH

Community/Outreach Advisors: 
Dr Bruce Martin – Director of Northern Medical Unit
Dr Dave Williams - FNIHB
Celina Denechezhe – FNIHB

Other Representatives:
Lea Legge – Paediatric Nurse Clinician @ Variety Heart Centre
Paul Brenneman -  Abbott Laboratories

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