Internet Tutorial

The Internet Tutorial has been developed primarily as a resource for medical students to supplement their ophthalmology teaching.  It is an interactive, case-based tutorial, which tests your ophthalmology knowledge using a multiple choice question format.

The material is divided into sections, which correspond to chapters in the text Basic Ophthalmology for Medical Students and Primary Care Residents by Dr. Frank G. Berson, MD. There are many clinical photographs used within this tutorial.

This site would not have been possible without the support of Dr. Diane Biehl, Dr. Lorne Bellan, and Dr. Paul Shuckett.  I would also like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the site: Dr. Rodney Kellen, Dr. Marilyn Ekins, Dr. Rick Leicht, and Dr. Rick Higgins.  Thanks to Pharmacia & Upjohn for permission to use their retinal photographs.

Acute Visual Loss

Chronic Visual Loss
Red Eye
Amblyopia (lazy eye) is decreased visual acuity in a healthy eye due to inadequate stimulation of the part of the brain responsible for vision.  This occurs due to subconscious suppression of vision because a clear image is not focused onto the fovea.  Amblyopia can result from strabismus, refractive error, cataract, etc.
Systemic Disease and the Eye